WE MVP OPEN-DAY 2016 (Rome)

Open-DAY - RomeThe Open Day has a long and proud tradition in the MVP community worldwide and, this year, has been something different by having a Western Europe MVP Open Day event (Italy, Portugal, Spain as well as Benelux and Scandinavian countries), and by taking place in Rome.

The MVP Open Day is where we get to meet our peers in other Western Europe countries - networking and sharing is what it is all about! The MVP Open Day is also well-known among Corp and DX people.

Every year, some of us MVPs, present session to the others and this year Gianni and me have had the opportunity to present ImmotionRoom (by  ImmotionAR).


We have to thanks Cristina Gonzales Herrero (our MVP BBBB) and all the other MVPs that voted for our session and for giving us very useful feed-back on our session.


In this session, we have presented a short introduction on Virtual Reality (VR) and connected technologies (Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboard, HTC Vive, etc.). We also presented how to develop VR applications by using Unity 3D and which are the most important problems and challenges inside the VR world.

Open-DAY - Rome-3

ImmotionAR (shortened in iAR) is a division of Beps Engineering, focused on creating virtual/augmented reality emotional contents. Our mission is to create immersive experiences that are able to give our users awesome sensations, leaving them amazed and excited.

 IAR-on StageImmotionRoom is a system that leverages the latest sensor tracking and computer vision technologies to immerse the user completely in the virtual world, with its full avatar. Simultaneously, it tries to detect all the actions and make the virtual world react to it. So, for example, if you want to walk forward in your favourite game, the only thing you have do is to physically walk in place! Exciting, isn't it? The sense of immersion increases exponentially, and the motion sickness is reduced a lot. And you can use it with a friend, so the virtual reality does not isolate you from the rest of the world anymore!

At the end of the session we have given to the other MPVs the opportunity to test the solutions, to wear the Gear-VR and live the emotion to move inside a Virtual world without any wired connection and without dressing or handling any other sensor.

All the feed-back have been positive.

We will present a similar seminar next week at the Microsoft Embedded Conference 2016 in Naples, stay tuned to know more …

In the ImmotionAR TEAM, guys say:

Your emotions, our happiness.

… for more information, visit http://www.immotionar.com


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