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As I anticipated you in a previous post, on September, 6th I have been interviewed by channel Business 24, inside the program Pole Position. The show has been aired on television on channel 124 of Italian digital broadcast television and many of my followers have had the pleasure to watch it and admire it. Many of them also congratulated with me.

This has been a great satisfaction for me: thanks to daily efforts, that have made BEPS Engineering a national excellence on embedded technologies, a TV show has thought we deserve being broadcast on television. This is a quite unusual thing, so I am very happy of having been able to talk to a great public about what BEPS and I work on every day.

I have talked about the my company from all sides: how it was born, how it has grown becoming an excellence in Microsoft embedded field and how it has been able to follow the evolutions of the market, becoming specialist also in IoT, that is the natural evolution of the embedded technologies. I also made references to the experimentations that Beps is doing on the technologies of the future that will change completely how we will interact with technology everyday, that is, augmented and virtual reality.

If you missed this very important moment or if you already watched the show but you want to watch it one more time, here you can find the video with the integral shooting of the interview. It lasts only 5 minutes, so it is easily enjoyable. The video is of course in Italian language: if you can't speak Italian, we're very sorry for this!

If, after having watched the video, you are interested in talking with us about a project of yours regarding IoT technologies or immersive realities, contact us immediately via e-mail. We will be very happy to collaborate with you.


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