Coding Gym Torino – September 29th 2018


During this summer, I was invited to participate in an initiative of some trainers to manage "Coding Gym": a gym to write algorithms and the related code.

I liked it immediately and I decided to collaborate in organizing it: it is called Coding Gym and the first step has been to organize, together with them, the first meeting here in Turin.

Coding Gym is an international programming lab format open to any language and developed for continuous improvement. Attendees ("gymmers") work in pair on 3 self-contained challenges, using any programming language they agree upon. Everything is done in the web browser, so no need to have SDK or dev tools on your machine.

Coding Gym is not a course but it is arranged and moderated by one or more trainer. After each challenge, the Coding Gym trainer opens a discussion and facilitates a retrospective: gymmers are encouraged to show solutions they have found. Each solution comes with discussing and understanding pros, cons and tradeoffs. Moreover, the trainer could share new solutions and concepts, and could ask gymmers to discuss about requirements change. For instance, "what happens if the input of the problem grows by 100 times?", or "can you solve the problem without allocating extra space?" Sometimes varying the problem comes with new opportunities to simplify or complicate the solutions.

For more information, please visit the official website.

Coding Gym events are free. The first one will be on September 29th at Toolbox.
Slots are limited and registration is required.

See you soon in the Coding Gym!

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