TTG – 7 November 2016: Migration from Active Directory Domain Services to Windows Server 2016


Torino Technologies Group (TTG) is a local community based in Turin, but that tries to involve people from all the Piedmont region. TTG creates technical meeting and sessions to allow experiences exchange among the attendees. The TTG goals are to organize one session a month to involve technicians with different experiences on Microsoft and/or other computer technologies and push the attendees to become the presenters of the sessions.

The location for the meeting is the MIC (Microsoft Innovation Center) that is inside the "Politecnico of Turin" (Corso Castelfidardo 30/A, or Via Piercarlo Boggio 59).

We hope, as founders of the TTG, that this community can become a place for all the informatics passionate of our region, companies located in Piedmont, students from Politecnico or other Technologic University and start-up hosted in one of the Piedmont incubators.

The next meeting will be on November 17, 2016 from 6PM to 8PM and it will be called:

Migration from Active Directory Domain Services to Windows Server 2016

Windows Server 2016 introduces a lot of innovations in various fields to meet the new security requirements, virtualization of infrastructure and use of the cloud. In this session, Ermanno Goletto (MVP Cloud and Datacenter Management and Enterprise Mobility) and Roberto Massa (MVP Cloud and Datacenter Management) after un'overview of the main novelties will navigate into those related to Active Directory Domain Services and the impact that the deprecation, in Windows Server 2016, the File Replication Service and the Windows Server 2003 functional levels will have on infrastructure.

For this purpose, we will analyze in detail the procedure and the best practices for the Windows Server 2003 domain controller migration, now out of support, or previous versions of Windows Server in order to adapt the infrastructure to the requirements of the new version of server operating system and how to get benefit from the new features introduced with the next functional level on domain and forest.

Ermanno and Roberto are founders of the Italian technological community: ICT/POWER that is twinned with TTG since last summer.



Just to summarize:

· The event is FREE;

· It will take place in Corso Castelfidardo 30/A c/o Business Research Center, in the Meeting Room at the first floor;

Just where is located my firm (BEPS J): at the bottom of our Home-page there are the directions to reach us.

· It will start at 6PM and will end at 8PM.

At 8PM the room is to be freed, but who wants to continue to talk can end the evening at a pizzeria.


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